About me

Updated: March 13, 2012

Trying to inculcate the spirit of coherence in the excitable neurons that reside within. The pages, as they populate should be preserved for an academic study of personal evolution, if I may. The copyright (and strictly not left) held by the Institute of Varun Jain, its faculty and the academia – yours truly.

As of the last update, a dedicated book-lover, a frenetic movie buff, an intensely serious procrastinator and the proud owner of Jobb’s (exploiting Hobbes – not Calvin’s but Thomas’s)  iPad 2 (coined Pandora) which, being of a consumerist orientation reflect a detached admission of consumption and immersion. While the regular updates is a serious bucket-list contender I prefer some that reside in its own secretive domain over those that are open for prying eyes. The reason I tell you this is something that itself is beyond my comprehension. Something, you need to understand before you even think of going through the archives. The thoughts are meant to be confusing for they are what who wrote them are.

“About me” – a narcissistic indulgence that nevertheless is essential to understand the reams of thought-spill underneath.   You should understand the effort that has gone into constructing this page. I don’t suppose you would be needing any more information would you? On the off chance of that indeed being the case, feel free to drop me a line or two on any of the below domains. I will respond if I feel like. So much for the practicalities. Below, some stealth reconnaissance.

Currently: @Mumbai

Twitter: @varun_jain

Tumblr: varunjain.tumblr.com

Pinterest: varunjain

Email: varunpandya@gmail(dot)com




  1. Hi Varun

    I write to you on behalf of The Viewspaper (www.theviewspaper.net) which is India’s largest youth paper and the 5th largest media company on Facebook.

    We are organizing the World’s Largest Tweet-A-Thon! and would like to invite you as a panelist for the same.

    From American political journalists in the 1950s, to The Economist magazine not so long ago; speculation has run rife about India and whether we will survive as a nation.

    Poverty. Corruption. Terrorism. Disease. Currency woes. We’ve got it all, and more. We’ve been written off, doomsdayed, delegitimized – but we keep coming back! What is the root of this appetite for adversity, this solid resilience?

    It is our nation’s optimism. No matter how much you bring her down, India feels up!

    A first of its kind initiative, the #IFeelUp Tweetathon is a 3-day virtual conference, which delights in the irrepressible state of the nation, in spite of its laundry list of issues. Over 72 hours, we’ll be bringing in 400 panelists for non-stop discussion, and that’s where you come in.

    We would like to invite you as a panelist for a 30 minute session wherein you can participate from any part of the world.

    If you’re interested, kindly email us your contact information so that we could provide you with more details about the event.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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