Carefully crafted personas, with the end in sight The end, as the beholder picaresquely observes. Filters, angles, saturation, contrasts, #tags … More

What’s on my mind

To begin to understand the futility of the process is in itself a big ask. To add to it the … More

Three Wise Men

You had not thought about what you will do next or where you will go after this. The only thing … More

A hundred rupee note

As he walked down the stairs towards the platform, the hustle that accompanies the sound of the approaching train commenced. … More

inner net(a)

It’s out there and yet not entirely so. You sit down on your laptop for some moments of trepidation and … More

as you like it

and often the humming birds do sing a tragic tale of valiant bravado never once do they partake the┬ávenomous words … More