as you like it

and often the humming birds do sing a tragic tale of valiant bravado never once do they partake the┬ávenomous words … More

by my side..

It isn’t really clear to me now; How I wish to see you; through my eyes or your own, I … More

Ahoy 2008!!!

Slowly it fades away like a tide it swung like a sin it clung i wish it could stay. times … More


My dreams are my ownthe cliffs and the edgesthe sighs and the groanare all my very own.My thoughts are … More

Inside out.

Words defy the freedom to showthe turmoils that lay withinits only when you get upclosethat you can feel the real … More

Flying High.

Poetic stories always give you that warm tingling feeling with touching details and moralistic viewpoints..grew up on a high dose … More

Tongue-tied and Twisted .

A very beautiful song indeed, came across this piece few days back. Centers around the magic of flying and man’s … More